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Extraordinary LimousinesExtraordinary Limousines

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A limousine is an elongated, fancy car. It is often used for special occasions such as weddings, parties, proms as well as sweet 16 parties. A limousine is much longer than a regular car. As such, it is fitted with features that cannot fit inside a regular car.
High-quality entertainment systems

A limousine has luxurious entertainment systems to keep your mood up black limo parkedand excited as you ride in it. You can find a high-quality LED panel television as well as a DVD player in the limousine. Moreover, they have satellite TV connection in the car as well. Thus, you can enjoy watching your favorite movie or television show on your way to a party or a meeting. This type of entertainment is ideal for weddings. This is because the bride and groom can watch video footage of congratulations from their friends and family. The picture and sound quality are superb in the entertainment system of a limousine.
In addition to awesome television panels and DVD players, limousines are also fitted with high-quality stereo sound systems. The limousine is fitted with surround sound speakers. These pump out your favorite music in crystal clear quality as you ride in the car. These speaker systems can synchronize with your smartphone, iPod or your MP3 player. This allows you to listen to your favorite playlist as you ride in the limousine.
Ice cool air conditioning and climate control systems

When you are riding in a limousine, you want to be as cool and comfortable as possible. Thus, an ice cool air conditioning system is definitely installed in the car. You can set the temperature, fan intensity as well as ideal climate conditions inside the limousine. Moreover, you can keep it chilly so as to enjoy your champagne in a nice, cool atmosphere. A superb air conditioning system is a standard feature of limousines.
Tinted windows for superb privacy

white limoWhen you are riding in a limousine, you don’t want curious onlookers to see how much fun you are having. You want to keep the details of your fun escapades between you are your buddies. As such, limousines have tinted windows. The people on the outside of the car cannot see you, but you can see them clearly. The tinted windows also create a mysterious atmosphere around you as you arrive at your destination. Everybody sees your limousine pull up but will only see you as you alight the luxurious vehicle. This amazing reveal is one of the features of limousines that is known as star appeal. If you are riding in extraordinary limousines, at that moment in time you are a star.