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Features of the Birmingham Taxi DirectoryFeatures of the Birmingham Taxi Directory


The Birmingham taxi directory has revolutionized the transport sector in the city. Birmingham being a city has a huge population in need of transportation services on a daily basis. Some individuals commute to work whereas they are those who run errands on a daily basis. One of the benefits that the taxi offers over the public transport is convenience. Click on the website http://www.birmingham.taxi-numbers.com/ to read about the features of the Birmingham taxi directory. Clients get these services right at their doorsteps. Let us now look at the features of the Birmingham Taxi directory.


Displays information

One of the features of the Birmingham Taxi Directory is that it displays all the information of the taxicab drivers in taxi boardthe area. Since Birmingham is a big city, there was a need to create different service areas; Customers are therefore able to contact the taxi drivers in the area. The transport industry is one industry that thrives on honesty and trust.

By enlisting the physical address and the contact details of the driver the confidence level among the different customers has increased. The taxicab riders also get to display different information which includes the accepted credit cards, tariffs, brand name, logo, and dispatch telephone number just but to mention a few.

Priority listing

The priority listing is another critical feature of this taxi directory. The taxicab riders are listed according to the services that they offer. There are also different packages that the taxi drivers can subscribe to. For the individuals who want the high-end clients in the city, they can ask to be listed in the special section. The priority listing is one way in which one tax ride company can stand out from the rest.

Periodic feedbacks

The end-users or rather the client have an opportunity to provide feedback on the type of service they received. This kind of feedback is important not only to the taxi rider alone but the other clients as well. The internet is a powerful tool, with over two billion people connected to the web.

Many people will quickly Google for the local taxi companies in Birmingham before making a choice on which company to use. By providing the ratings and feedback, the other customers will able to choose the best services by shunning the company with poor feedback and ratings.

Online booking

black car The online booking is another great feature. Customers do not have to travel physically to some offices to book a cab. They can do it remotely from the comfort of their home by just pressing a button. There is also the new order booking service which enables the customers to request for transport without having to send an SMS or make a phone call.