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Other methods of wedding transportation

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On your wedding day, you want everything to be perfect, and you also want to try something that has never been done before or if it has, it hasn’t been done a lot. You want your uniqueness to your special day, and this is entirely understandable. This can be found in the method of transportation that you decide to use. This can speak a lot about the wedding and how far you were willing to go to make sure that this day is a success. You need to know that a limo is not the only method of transport that you can use.

So, below are some of the different options for wedding transportation that you can make good use of.

Sports Cars

Decorated Sports CarsA two-seater sports car can be a thrilling way to make your wedding a memorable event as it will have gone beyond the conventions that have always been there. Just make sure that you choose a sleek sports car that is top of the line and one that you will both enjoy being in. You should make sure that your wedding colors are taken into consideration when you are hiring the sports car so that its color can match your wedding theme. Rehearsing your exit ahead of time is also a crucial part of the process so make sure that you do this.

Vintage Cars

This is one of the best ways in which you can make your way to and fro your wedding venue. The vintage cars like a Rolls Royce or any other brand that is a vintage model can bring the wedding to life. This will also help make the photo shoot even well as it will create the perfect background for a black and white photo shoot. So, look around for some nice vintage cars as there are many and get to choose one that is best suited to you and your wedding.


This is one of those things that has only been attempted by a few daring couples that wanted to make that perfect entry or exit on their wedding day. So, charter a helicopter and be flown in and out of your wedding in style. However, you should consider the landing site of the helicopter and if the venue of the wedding is big enough to accommodate the helicopter. Make sure that the charter company is okay with this because there might be some restrictions.

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