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How To Become A Lyft Driver

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Are you planning to earn money as a Lyft driver? Even if you are driving for other ridesharing companies, you can give Lyft a try also. You will note that requirements for this job are similar to those of other companies. In fact, you can be signed to both Lyft and Uber driver apps at same time. In this way, you can earn more money. The good thing with Lyft is that it allows riders to tip on the app directly. Thus, you should sign up for these services to increase your earnings.

Becoming a Lyft driver

The process of becoming a Lyft driver is never dicouple inside a carfficult. You just need to fill the driver application and undertake a welcome ride. In the process, a Lyft mentor is tasked with inspecting your car and offering you a practice drive. Ensure you drive safely, and you are friendly. The mentor will take pictures and guide you on how to use Lyft app. You will have the opportunity to ask questions about the company, driving, and earnings. If you pass welcome to ride and meet all Lyft driver requirements, you will start driving. The following are the requirements, which you need to meet as a driver:

  • You must be at least 21 years or more
  • Have a good driving record of more than one year
  • Drive a 4-door car, which is 2003 or newer
  • Your car should have the in-state registration
  • Have in-state registration
  • Have the required auto insurance
  • Have a smartphone

You should note that these requirements do vary from one city to another as they have to comply with the local laws. In the last seven years, you should not have any criminal history, not involved in reckless driving or fatal accidents, no drug-related offenses or DUI, and not to have been found driving without a license or insurance.

Lyft car requirements

You need todecorated car ensure your car meets all set requirements. Other than being 2003 or newer, it should have tires with adequate tread, horn must be working, operational A/C, all lights must be operational, wipers to be in good condition, and seat belts should be available. If you meet Lyft driver requirements, successfully pass welcome ride and background checks, which take a few days, you will start driving. You will be guided through the complete process. Thus, you need to check your email on a routine basis.