Music may well be the most important food that feeds our souls, however, our tastebuds and bodies require other forms of sensory stimulation...

Our SWEET martinis are innocently shaken over
very clean ice & served in a martini glass.

Our SEXY cocktails are spanked into submission
and put to bed on the rocks. We warned you.
Charming, fair-minded, sophisticated.
Vodka, sambuca, peach snapps, orange
Sensual, attractive, strong .
vodka, strawberry, lime, soda.

intellectual, eccentric.

White chocolate liqueur, brandy, pear

Experiementale, erotic
Cachaca. lime. soda..
Engaging, curious, versatile.
Vodka. chambord. cranberry.
Clever, charming, cerebral .
Cuervo gold tequila, creme de cassis, lime,bitters,soda.

Rooted, sensuous, persistent.

Rum, creme de cacao, espresso.

Romantic, patient, honest.
Rum, creme de cassis, mint, sprite.
Discriminating, clever.
Vodka, espresso vodka, white chocolate.
Persuasive, monogamous.
Bourbon, perpermint, soda.

Ambitious, creative.

Port, galliano, egg white, lemon.

Loyal, passionate.
Anise, dark rum, white rum, pinnapple, soda.
Patient, sensuous.
Vodka. blue alize. lemonade.
Magnetic, protective.
Blue curacao, white rum, pineapple, mulled kiwi, soda.
Ambitious, passionate.
Vodka, rum, tequila, gin, leime grenadine.
Intimate, adventurous.
Vodka, creme de bananes, blue caracao, soda.
Creative, mystical, romantic.
Malibu. blue alize. pineapple.
Sexually idealistic, sensitive, open.
Cognac, grand marnier. .
Courageous, brilliant, dynamic.
Gin. triple sec. cranberry. grapefruit.
Spontaneous, charismatic.
Vodka, chambord, grapefuit.
Exuberant, proud, vivacious.
Red alize. peach schnapps. lime.
Devoted , attentive, amourous.
Amaretto, vodka, melon iqueur, lime, soda.
Optimistic, curious.
Gin. chambord. lime.
Extravagant, versatile.
Malibu rum, peach schanpps, melon liqueur, orange.